7.83 Hz

7.83 Hz is part of the Schuman Resonance, these resonances are a series of frequencies emitted from the earth itself. Frequently called the heartbeat or the pulse of the earth. The Schumman Resonances are frequencies that our body’s are meant to be exposed to in nature, but are often disrupted by harmful EMF’s, and a lack of contact with being outdoors and the dirt and grass.

The Schuman resonances are a set of frequencies produced by electromagnetic waves in Earth’s lower Ionosphere. The frequencies created from Thunderstorms and lightning discharges, range from 7.83hz up to 34 Hz. The truly potent and healthy frequencies are the base level ones – the ones incredibly close to the ground (7-12 Hz). These are known as our “Alpha frequencies” specifically 7.83 Hz. Putting your brain into an “Alpha” state can help you with anxiety, depression, PTSD and sleep issues, It’s also when the healing and cell regeneration happens.

Simply put, 7.83 Hz acts as a background frequency influencing the biological circuitry of our brain and bodies – we are linked to this connection, break the connection and we get ill.

The waves were named after the German physicist Winfried Otto Shumann, in honour of his seminal work on global resonances in mid 1950’s.


Nikola Tesla

You can experience the grounding frequency in my Energy Facial which uses clinical microcurrent and the Schuman resonance that can be delivered to the body by either the trans cranial ear clips, pads on the hands and feet or Vagus nerve stimulation. All of these will put you into a relaxed state for mind and body and make you feel “grounded”.

Some of the physical benefits of “Grounding” and 7.83 Hz are:

  • Respiratory rate increases during grounding and persists after grounding has finished.
  • Can put you into a relaxed meditative state
  • Improved blood oxygenation.
  • Electrical imbalances and sensitivities can be corrected.
  • Alpha brainwaves are the optimum state for well-being and healing.
  • A healthy body and its digestive tract functions at 7.83 Hz

Why do we need grounding at 7.83 Hz?

We are all out of whack from the Earth’s electromagnetic frequency. For example the frequency of radio frequency electromagnetic radiation (this powers our mobile phones, tv’s microwaves etc) ranges from 30,000 Hz to 300 billion Hz. That is a vast difference from 7.83 Hz!! We need grounding more than ever.

Get grounding, get outdoors and enjoy.

julia xo
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