I am so glad I found Julia, my skin has completely transformed through her amazing combination of unique microcurrent, LED and brilliant product advice, I’ve never loved my skin more.

Nicky Shields


After a few treatments of non-invasive therapy, the quality and texture of my skin made a dramatic improvement, looking firmer, healthier and much tighter in photographs.

I’m in the entertainment industry and as I went into my 50’s, I noticed that my face was looking ..shall we say , a little ‘worse for wear’. Being of the male fraternity, I had done very little to take care of my skin over the years. I made contact with Julia, who is friendly, considerate and extremely well informed. Highly recommended ..even for beauty treatment phobes!



Julia Hart is one of the best and most experienced facialists in London. Outstanding results! I love my facial treatments, and I’m never disappointed. I would recommend Julia to anyone who wants to look and feel wonderful. Thank you for the amazing facials!

Runa Begum


A facial beauty treasure chest in an Aladdin’s cave of magic, is the best way I can explain a facial with Julia. 

Every appointment is different, always tailored to what she feels you need on that day, from LED to electro-currents and even facial acupuncture. Her wealth of knowledge is astonishing as are her products which are always evolving. Never idol, she is always learning and her unwavering passion for everything she does is infectious, as is her wonderful relaxed energy. You will never leave feeling rushed or pressured to buy that next magic potion. But you will leave feeling calm, glowing inside and out, and just a little bit more educated. She has inspired me to want to look after my skin (and myself!). I cannot thank her enough for what she does, she always goes above and beyond. Julia you are just a little bit addictive and that’s absolutely fine with me. Thank you my face goddess!

Zoe Tranah


Julia is GREAT! She has totally transformed my skin, I struggle with Rosacea so it’s an ongoing battle. She is very experienced, knowledgeable and also a lovely person!”

William Smallridge

Milton Keynes

Julia is my skin saviour

Julia has been my facialist for 11 years! I keep coming back because she is “simply the best” and innovative, knowledgeable, and an absolute miracle worker for my sun damaged skin. Julia is constantly investing in state of the art equipment and products with so much knowledge of what it takes to keep skin looking its best.

Lorraine Margolis


Julia knows her stuff, and like all the best facialists has a bespoke approach so if you want breath-taking skin for a special occasion, get a treatment before you get dolled up



I couldn’t recommend her enough

I’ve been going to see Julia for around 5 years now and she really is one of the best facialists I have ever known, and I’ve known a few! Her knowledge of skin and health also everything connected is immense and I always leave her treatments with skin glowing for days.



I arrived dry and dehydrated on a snowy morning, my face still crinkled from a night’s sleep, and left an hour later plumped, hydrated and glowing.

Sarah Vine

For the Times

She is a mine of information on health matters both externally and internally.

Julia has been looking after my skin for the last three years. I swear her non-invasive methods of microcurrent, acupuncture and DMK treatments have definitely made a huge difference to the tone and texture of my skin.  Her sweet calm and efficient manner means a visit to her clinic is eagerly looked forward to and always a treat

Kas Ascolani


When I woke up the following morning, I was surprised and delighted to see that my skin looked fresher and dare I say, less jowly

Woman’s Own


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