Healing is Voltage

We truly do have a “Body Electric” which means we are pre-wired to respond to the bio-electricity that runs through us and is the energy that helps us repair ourselves.

Healing is Voltage: This phrase is so important but what does it actually mean? Good health and longevity is the ability to make new cells and in order to make new cells we need the correct voltage. The cells in the body are designed to run at -20 to -25 millivolts, but to repair damage by making new cells, we must achieve -50 milivolts. We can get chronically ill when voltage drops below -20milivolts.

When our Voltage drops we get tired with low energy. We can get chronic pain and illness, and in addition Oxygen levels drop since they are controlled by the voltage level, this can affect cellular metabolism, where we will only get two molecules of ATP instead of 38!

How do Cells normally get there Voltage?

Basically it’s the simple things in life – exercise outside, sunshine, drink pure water, eat unprocessed foods, touch the earth with your hands and feet, hug another human or animals, stand in the rain, touch trees and plants. These are all Electron donors! they will give you electrons to help recharge your Voltage. Also don’t forget the electron stealers! which over time will contribute to ageing and a loss in natural voltage. Free radicals, toxins and poor diet are all electron stealers.

The Current of Injury and Healing

In 1985 Robert Becker the author of “The Body Electric” discovers the Current of Injury and the Current of Healing. Whenever there is tissue trauma or dysfunction, there is a reduction in ATP and a disruption of the sodium pump. The cells increase their electrical resistance and the area of injury will have much more resistance than the surrounding tissue. This means your own natural healing current (the current of healing) can’t pass through this area effectively leading to an impairment of healing and inflammation/pain.

Correct application of Microcurrent to the damaged tissue augments the natural current flow, allowing cells in the traumatised area to regain there electrical capacitance. Resistance is reduced, allowing bioelectricity to flow through and re-establish homeostasis.

Microcurrent can provide you with the voltage your cells need to heal and re-charge but you also need a combination of the things mentioned above, especially adequate nutrition. The electrical signals initiate the healing process by replenishing ATP, increasing the transport of ions. Microcurrent electrical therapy can be seen as a catalyst in the bodies healing process and restore voltage to the cells.

julia xo
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