How Does Adipeau Work?

How does Adipeau work? it is a topical cream that is clinically proven to treat loss of volume, sagging and weak skin. It nourishes your skin’s fat cells with a combination of regenerative and toning stimuli.

Adipeau is a very unique and interesting product, the first of its kind. Plastic surgeons, dermatologists and injectors will say there is no topical product that can increase the volume in the face – well now there is.

The skin has it’s own unique fat cells – dermal white adipose cells are unique to the skin, here’s how they work.

Fat cells and volume loss in the face

Let’s talk about fat cells and the difference between a healthy fat cell and an unhealthy one. Facial fat cells become unhealthy for a number of reasons, including natural ageing. Diet, excess sun exposure, HIIT and inflammation will all slow down fat cell regeneration.

Healthy Fat Cells Are:
  • Regenerative – they recruit fat cells to replace ones that are lost through natural aging.
  • Collaborative – with fibroblasts (fibroblasts are the cells that make collagen) to keep the skin strong.
  • Anti-inflammatory – secrete molecules that reduce the inflammatory state of the skin.
Unhealthy Fat Cells:
  • Suppress regeneration
  • Shut down collagen production
  • Are inflammatory

Volume deficits happen when dermal fat cells don’t regenerate properly.

Ivan Galanin – The founder of Adipeau

How Does Adipeau Work?

Adipeau Active Face Cream can only get to the skin’s root structure by sliding down the mostly invisible hair follicles of the facial skin. Rubbing the cream in causes the natural actives to get stuck in the outer layer. Finger painting the cream gives it time and access to the hair follicles. My favourite way to use Adipeau is to spot treat and leave on like a cream mask until it has absorbed into the follicles, Massage the excess over the skin – it’s too good to waste!

It works by combining an adipogenic stimulus (safflower oil) and lipolytic impulse (black ginger). 

Safflower Oil keeps fat cells in good shape while also regenerating and causing new fat cells to form.

THE TONER – Black Ginger  (Kaempferia Parviflora)
Black Ginger causes toning in “unhealthy” bloated fat by reducing the excess triglycerides – the number of lipids a cell is storing. This leads to toning.

* Toning happens first as the black ginger rescues the excess triglycerides. So it may appear as volume loss in the beginning when these bloated cells are reduced. However the lifting effect starts at this time and eventually the regeneration occurs so it is a great sign.

How Long To See Results?

This is a long game and needs commitment. 3-6 months to see improvements but some people see results in as little as 2 weeks.

However many have reported positive changes as soon as 30 days in toning and 2 months in the filling effect. The toning and lifting effects from Black Ginger happen first and this is why it can appear that there is potential volume loss (this is the unhealthy fat cells become healthy and de-bloated) and then regenerative benefits become visible.

Meet the Founder of Adipeau

Ivan Galanin received his scientific training in inflammation research at sanofi. Before he started Adipeau, he founded two successful companies. One developed a treatment for a rare pediatric genetic disease (Farber). The other identified patient-specific drug combinations for colon cancer.

Ivan is now dedicated to researching how the remarkable regenerative powers of the skin can be harnessed to advance facial and whole body fitness. He was recently published in a notable peer reviewed journal, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Read more about Adipeau and the founders.

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