Anma by Jane Mann


Anma by Jane Mann massage tool

Anma is a facial contour tool to relieve muscular tension and restricted fascia. This lovely Rosewater or Jade coloured device can be used daily to address superficial and deep fascia. Julia uses the Anma in her Microcurrent Energy Facial as the two are perfect partners for facial sculpting.

Did you know that facial muscles are involuntary to emotion? Every thought and feeling, spoken or unspoken resides somewhere on your face. The muscles hold excessive tension throughout the day and even while we are sleeping. By gently massaging our face and scalp with your Anma we minimise the impact of repeated facial expressions.



The Anma by Jane Mann is a facial contour device created to complement the Fascial Contour Massage. The Anma is designed to release muscle tension and restricted fascia, increase circulation and minimise tension lines created by repeated facial expressions. The perfect partner to Microcurrent facials

Anma is Japanese for massage

Used daily with your favourite facial oil, this tool can address the superficial and deep fascia. Depending on the desired result, you will learn when to use more pressure and when to use a very light gliding movement.

To see the instructional video to use your Anma by Jane Mann use the QR code in the instruction leaflet inside the box or view the video here.

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Rosewater, Jade

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