Esse Protect Oil 15ml


Esse Protect Oil contains Ximenia seed oil to form a protective layer on the skin when it is exposed to UV or free radicals. This layer protects the skin from pollution without interfering with the skin’s normal function. Beneficial for all skin types, sensitive skin's, compromised skin barriers and skin exposed to UV and Pollution.

key ingredients

  • Ximenia Oil is the primary ingredient in this product. It nourishes, moisturises, softens and revitalises all skin types.
    Skin feels noticeably firmer and more resilient.
  • A major component of Ximenia oil is Ximenynic Acid. This acid contains a very rare triple bond in its carbon chain.
    When exposed to UV light or free radicals, each triple bond breaks and links with other chains to form a protective polymer much like a coat of armour.
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