Esse Sensitive Serum 15ml


Esse Sensitive Serum is an oil-based serum with more than one billion live probiotic Lactobacillus microbes per millilitre is designed to rectify imbalances and strengthen barrier function. Repairs and desensitises, beneficial for sensitises skin's, Acne, Eczema and compromised skin barrier.

  • BIOME+ LEVEL 4 FORMULATION indicates that live probiotics are included.  These seed the skin with beneficial microbial species that can colonise and multiply, actively shifting the skin’s microbiome in the right direction.
  • Rectifies imbalances.
  • Strengthens barrier function.
  • Modulates immune system. Re-educates skin to respond appropriately to stimuli.
  • This formulation is water free. Probiotics are encapsulated and are activated on contact with water on the skin and the addition of prebiotics found in Esse moisturisers.

key ingredients

  • Live Lactobacillus microbes consisting of a keystone species that actively shapes an imbalanced microbiome by re-defining a healthy balance of microbes on the skin.  Improves hydration by promoting Lactic Acid production and strengthening T-junction formation. This in turn strengthens barrier function, reduces inflammation and calms the skin by decreasing redness and discomfort.
  • Shea Butter is healing and deeply nourishing.
  • Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant, promotes elasticity.

ACNE - Strong results are evident in the treatment of acne when this serum is combined with a probiotic skincare routine that contains prebiotics by minimising sensitization, keeping pH low and not stripping natural oils. We have not yet fully ascertained the mechanisms involved. Endogenous production of lactic acid by the Lactobacillus that colonise on skin may be key.

ECZEMA - The underlying cause of the majority of eczema cases is the dominance of Staphylococcus aureuson the skin. This microbe is opportunistic and causes a breakdown of barrier function by docking onto skin cells (keratinocytes) and radically shortening their lifespan.

Sensitive Serum contains billions of live Lactobacillus microbes that compete for these docking sites on skin cells. Once a Lactobacillus has docked, the site is not available to Staphylococcus and the cell is proportionally healthier.

Over time, eczema improves substantially – particularly when aided by a moisturiser high in prebiotics.

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