Evenswiss Brightening Intense Treatment 30ml


A high-strength and highly targeted serum for uneven skin tone. Visibile lightens the skin with Dermatopoietin technology and skin brightening actives delivered into the skin with niosomes.


The Evenswiss Brightening Intense Treatment is a powerful solutions for dark spots and uneven skin tone. It is powered by Dermatopoietin plus technology and advanced skin lightening actives.

Dermatopoietin-plus technology was developed with 30 years of scientific research and 6 clinical trials. It does not penetrate the skin, but instead, triggers a biochemical signalling cascade between skin cells to increase the immune system function and regenerate the skin. It increases collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid content in the skin by up to 90% in 14 days. The release of growth factors from skin dermal fibroblasts is also initiated. Dermatopoietin-plus is a ground-breaking technology that also has the ability to regulate the activity of melanocytes - the skin cells responsible to producing pigmentation.

The  formulation also contains alphahydroxy acids, polyhydroxy acids, and the skin lightening actives hydroxyresveratrol, Naringin, Morinda citrifolia extract. Actives are delivered into the skin with niosomes to increase penetration and efficacy.

The brightening Intense Treatment boost cells turnover to lift existing pigmentation, while brightening actives regulate pigmentation production.

The Brightening Intense Treatment can be combined with the Evenswiss Eventone Serum for advanced brightening of hyperpigmentation.

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Dermatopoietin, Rose Hip Seed Extract.


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