Mask Lovers Box No 1


The Mask Lovers Box – No 1

I am a huge lover of face masks and use them at least twice a week. This careful selection of masks contains high performance sheet masks, charcoal, clay/enzyme and a 24-K Gold hyaluronic gel. Suitable for all skin’s but who may want/need to use a charcoal/deep cleansing mask. What’s in the box?


  • Environ Anti-Pollution Masque – full size 75ml
  • Dermaviduals Enzyme Mask – 1 x 10g packet
  • Forlle’d Hyalogy Lift mask (professional) x 1 sheet
  • Timeless Truth Apple Collage – x 1 sheet
  • Timeless Truth Bright Translucent Radiance Mask – x 1 sheet
  • Timeless Truth Eye Mask – x 1 sheet
  • Intraceuticals Eye Mask – x 1 pair
  • Greg Martin 24-K Gold Face mask (professional) – 40ml pot

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My carefully curated box of high performance masks will give your skin a real treat on "mask nights"

What does the Mask lovers Box Contain?

Environ Anti-Pollution Masque -  A powerful and soothing mask containing Japanese Charcoal and botanicals. Absorbs pollutant impurities, normalises barrier function. Improves skin agains free radical damage and hydrates leaving skin feeling silky soft.

Dermaviduals Enzyme Mask - This is a gently enzyme peeling mask containing natural enzymes from Pineapple and Papaya. The mask base is a mix of Kaolin and bentonite so very good at deep cleansing and clarifying pores - use this once a week and follow with a hydrating or gel mask.

Forlle'd Lift Mask - A professional grade mask infused with a peptide serum and nano-hyaluronic acid that tightly covers the face and neck helping the skin to absorb the serum. Promotes regeneration of the skin at a cellular level making the skin firm and hydrated.

Timeless Truth Apple Collagen Sheet - This award winning bio-cellulose mask contains Apple stem cells and Hyaluronic Acid to  rejuvenate and hydrate all skin types. I find this great if you're looking tired as it really perks the skin up.

Timeless Truth Bright Translucent Radiance Mask - Formulated with snail mucas extract and Baobob tree both have extremely hydrating properties. For firm, resilient skin.

Timeless Truth Anti-wrinkle Smoothing and Repairing Bio Cellulose Eye Mask - This is a full coverage wrap around eye mask (so you look a bit like a superhero!). Formulated with dual Hyaluronic Acid and hydrolyzed Royal Jelly Protein these masks can soften fine lines and reduce the appearance of crows feet. Plus they are wonderfully refreshing for tired eyes.

Intraceuticals Eye Mask -  These are the best under eye patches I have used and really do improve the appearance of the skin under the eyes. Contains low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid.  Tip - save for a special occasion as they are so good!

Greg Martin 24-K Gold Face Mask - This is one of my favourite professional masks, all the way from the US. This is a made-to-order speciality formula and is a brightening, anti-bacterial and hydrating mask, it fights free radical damage and pigmentation/age spots. 24-K Gold is carefully blended with brightening and highly anti-ageing organic essential oils with floral hydrosols.  You can also use this mask with an ultrasound tool and also underneath LED. Please note - this contains really 24-K Gold so cannot be used if you have metal allergies.

Additional information

Skin Type/condition

All skin types can use the masks in box no 1 but you may prefer this one if you have a combination skin/congestion as it contains a charcoal mask.


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