Shinso Mist 30ml


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Protect your skin’s health and radiance while simplifying your daily skincare routine with Shinso Mist. Using water from some of the world’s purest sources, such as the Sea of Japan, Shinso Skin Care has produced a hydrating mist that will invigorate and revitalize your skin.

From the Sea of Japan, this beautiful mist formula uses the purest waters combined with more than 30 natural elements and rare botanicals to deliver a gentle, high tech misting spray that works on a microcellular level. It instantly hydrates, energises and lifts the skin without clogging oils.

key ingredients

Only natural ingredients such as hydrolyzed silk, aloe barbadensis leaf extract and pyrus malus(apple) fruit extract are used. Like Shinso Essence, the mist guards the skin with SOD and Fullerene, superoxide dismutase, is a naturally occurring enzyme with important antioxidant and healing properties which is a crucial defense for skin cells. Fullerene is a Noble Prize winning discovery that is 175 times more effective at protecting the skin from harmful free radicals than Vitamin Ester C.

Shinso Mist also contains extremely rare Fullerene molecules and EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), both Nobel Prize winning discoveries. The EGF is highly effective in increasing skin cell regeneration causing damaged skin cells to be regenerated to a younger version of themselves.

Shinso Mist has also added Serilesine (Hexapeptide-10), a firming active ingredient that promotes double cellular activity on both keratinocytes and fibroblasts. Over the years the adhesion between the epidermal and dermal cells is reduced, which results in the loss of skin elasticity. Serilesine increases skin’s smoothness by 45 percent, increases firmness by 36 percent and elasticity by 36 percent.