The Benefits of Facials

It’s all about skin confidence. Healthy, clear, glowing youthful looking skin gives you confidence – fact. Skin treatments are not about vanity, they should be part of your health maintenance, as your skin is the largest organ we have and definitely shows signs of ill health and neglect.

Regular skin treatments every 4/5 weeks can make a huge difference to your skin and to your spirits! Your skin’s texture will improve and the enhanced circulation will give your skin a youthful glow. It’s the perfect boost to keep you feeling your best, as well as helping with ongoing skin concerns, regardless of your age – skin can always be improved, and the rate of ageing can be slowed.

We can do so much to prevent and treat skin ageing, if you start using genuine skin care at a young age, staying out of the sun, exercising and eat wholesome nutritious food -rich in Antioxidants, then you will definitely see the difference when you are older! Preventing the damage before it’s done, is the key to ageing well and looking younger.

I am an advanced facialist and aim to treat the whole person, not just your skin complaint. Skin health is not just about what topical products you use! I like to give you a complete approach, with lifestyle advice, nutrition for skin, exercise for anti-ageing and stress reduction techniques.

It’s also vital that you are using the right products at home, I will always give you prescriptive advice on products and tailor them to the amount of time you have and your budget.

My methods are a mix of hands on facials with some of the best products available and machines. I believe in the power of the healing human touch, but also want to maximise treatment results with some advanced technology. Combination treatments  are a more unilateral approach to remedial skin treatments and using different machines in the same treatment can work at different levels within the skin. I use a woods lamp during my consultation to evaluate the level of oil in the skin and see the level of sun damage. I can also see the level of dehydration in your skin.


Before you can have a treatment, you will need to have a consultation, this generally takes about 30 minutes and is vital to your treatment. You will need to fill out a consultation card, with details of general health and medical conditions. It is helpful if you could bring the following;

  • All Skin care
  • All Make-up
  • All Medication
  • All Vitamins and Supplements

If you can’t manage all of these, don’t worry! but it does give me an indication of your level of skin care and if any of the ingredients or medication are impacting your skin.

We will go through Contra-Indications to any treatment, and plan your treatments and homecare for maximum results.

Please view the treatments available and contact me to book or if you would like further information.

julia xo
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