Why Microcurrent? Julia has been fascinated with how electrical currents work with our bodies and can heal, repair and regenerate without any damage. We are electrical beings, our bodies are pre-wired to respond to low level electrical currents.

We constantly absorb electricity from our environment: from the sun, when we breathe oxygen, and from the food we eat. Our bodies use all this energy to make its own. This is how our cells get charged and how we function daily. Because ageing can damage our cells, they lose their natural electrical charge – their energy or in Chinese medicine they call it CHI. The lower our electricity is, the lower our cell functionality becomes.

“healing truly is voltage”

A Unique Intelligent Microcurrent Experience

Our unique intelligent medical grade Microcurrent machine uses propriety technology that no other device has to read the tissue and cells electrical capacitance. A Bio-feedback regulated Microcurrent monitors the skin’s resistance/impedence. The more damage and ageing, the more resistance is measured. This means that your own regenerative currents will not pass through an area of damage so easily, our machine will put the current/energy directly where it is needed to give the cells the energy to repair and heal. As we age our cells lose energy, we can replace that with Microcurrent therapy, I like to think this as ageless ageing on a cellular level.

Our Microcurrent machine and various probes allow us to tailor sessions for individual client needs.

Cranial Electrical Stimulation

Another unique modality to our Microcurrent machine is the use of the Trans Cranial Ear Clips, this is basically Microcurrent for your brain! The use of currents passed through the ear clips synchronises the brainwaves into calm, even, regular patterns, producing the benefits of psycho-somatic stress relief (the relaxation response via the central nervous system). Alpha or Theta brainwaves will induce deep relaxation and help with anxiety and sleep issues. This also puts you into “Healing Mode”. This is always a part of Julia’s “Energy Facial.”

No Needle Acupuncture

Acupuncture points are highly conductive and respond to a certain level of electrical energy. Whilst treating your face, we can work on some of those acupuncture points and also Auricular points on the ear to stimulate a full body energy/healing effect. This is not an ordinary Microcurrent Facial, you are actually helping your body clear energy blockages and encourage the flow of electrons throughout the body.  Great if you’re needle phobic! or a little nervous about traditional acupuncture.

Inner Facial Microcurrent

This exclusive method works from inside the mouth using a specialist probe, this helps pass the current all the way through the facial tissue on the cheeks/lower cheeks. This can help with pain from TMJ and have a pronounced effect on you nasal labial folds and Jowels with a lifting, plumping effect.

What will Microcurrent do for your Skin and Face?


Julia has designed her “Energy Facial” to be the ultimate in cellular regeneration and non-surgical face lifting. Using her unique microcurrent technology this treatment can be tailored to your concerns and areas you really want to improve.

This machine is able to deliver Microcurrent in “bio-identical” carrier waves at a minimal micro-amperage to enhance cellular energy. 

Using the various Brass and Platinum probes we can tailor sessions for individual client needs. A Gua Sha electrode is also used for enhanced lymphatic drainage as well as Vagus nerve stimulation. A cell energising face mask is applied for the enhanced effect of protein synthesis – making new Collagen.

Microcurrent is great as your regular facial but for serious results is best done in a course so please ask about our packages of treatments for skin and pain management/sports injury recovery.

The benefits of Microcurrent
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tones facial tissue
  • Firm the neck muscles
  • Firms Jowels
  • lifts eye lids and brow muscles
  • Improves skin circulation
  • Pigmentation reduction
  • increase Collagen in the skin and Fascia
  • Scar reduction
  • Reduces under eye puffiness and dark circles
  • Heals/controls Rosacea, Eczema and Psoriasis
  • Treats active Acne and old acne scarring, PIH/PIE
  • Reduces sun damage
  • Treats burns and burn scars
  • Enhanced wound healing
  • Move stagnant Lymph
  • Post surgery recovery/less pain
  • Boosts the charge of poor performing cells
  • Acute and Chronic pain management
  • Sports Injury Recovery

Julia Hart is of the best and experienced facialists in London. Outstanding results! I love my facial treatments, and I’m never disappointed. I would recommend Julia to anyone who wants to look and feel wonderful. Thank you for the amazing facials!

Runa Begum


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