electro-sonic DF treatments

Environ combines the best of science and cutting edge technology with sensible skin care principles to provide superior science based skincare products and technology.

Plastic surgeon Dr Des Fernandes created Environ to help correct the visible effects of the chronic deficiency of Vitamin A that everyone suffers from in the exposed areas of their skin. Few people understand that this deficiency leads to the appearance of major skin problems we develop and attribute to ageing and sun damage.

Lines and wrinkles are all improved with Vitamin A and Antioxidiants in high dose supplements and creams

– Dr Des Fernandes

When Skin care is not enough

When skincare is not enough, we can enhance the penetration with pulsed Iontopheresis electrical currents and low frequency sonophoresis using the Environ Electro-sonic machine. Ironically the very improvement brought about by the active treatment with topical Vitamin A further improves the barrier function of the skin, thereby making it even more difficult to get the active molecules into the skin to the skin cells.

Iontopheresis and sonophoresis temporarily change the barrier function of the skin to effectively allow active ingredients to pass through the top layer of the skin, into the lower layers where they are needed and can work effectively to make real changes within the skin.

I’ve been going to see Julia for around 5 years now and she really is one of the best facialists I have ever known, and I’ve known a few! Her knowledge of skin and health also everything connected is immense and I always leave her treatments with skin glowing for days. I couldn’t recommend her enough



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