Your Skin is an Amazing Organ

Our skin is an extremely remarkable, complex and resilient organ. Our skin is intelligent, Let’s pay Homage to our skin and all that it does for us:

  • Our skin is a waterproof barrier that protects us and keeps out harmful bacteria, chemicals, water, insects, heat and cold, dirt and gases.
  • It retains fluids like blood and water and holds safe, minerals, vitamins, Hormones, proteins and heat.
  • Our skin has an incredible self-renewing system that provides a replacement of the outer cells lost to the environment.
  • It provides protection from UV damage and deflects harmful rays (providing we don’t exfoliate it away!)
  • It protects our inner organs and keeps us alive, without skin we would perish.
  • Allows sensory feelings of pleasure and pain
  • Keeps our body at a comfortable temperature by controlling sweat evaporation
  • Our skin is a waste disposal system, ridding the body of many toxic substances, which often manifests as unsightly things that we blame our skin for not behaving, but in-fact it is just doing it’s job!
  • Our skin synthesises  Vitamin D
  • Our skin is part of our immune system and the first line of defence against damage and germs

When your skin reacts to something with irritation, your skin is simply adjusting to a chemical or physical imbalance and is trying to compensate. Your skin does not create an eczema flare up or huge acne cyst because it is out of control. It is exactly the opposite, your skin knows exactly what it is doing: It is simply trying to control a localised problem that occurs as a result of an internal condition.  Your skin makes every effort to restore itself to a full dermal density as it gets older, but we need to give it the right tools for the job.

When we see skin issues on the surface, we must first look at treating the problem inside and the root cause

We must respect our skin and realise that our skin is a reflection of what is going on inside of us.  Our skin takes the brunt of our bad habits, sugar, smoking, bad food, toxic overload. This clearly affects the skin’s ability to heal and control inflammation. Some of this can be fixed with nutrition, lifestyle and supplements, some skin conditions are genetic but can be controlled.

Let’s stop abusing our skin and build a Healthy Skin that lasts a lifetime.

julia xo
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