Ziip Halo Review

The Ziip Halo is a tiny, rather beautiful device and is an innovation in “ At home devices”  It is one of two Microcurrent home devices that I actually recommend and believe to be real Microcurrent.

It’s compact size doesn’t affect performance and this seriously packs a punch in delivering a “Lit from within” glow, the results are seen immediately but the next day seems to be where the serious “Lifting” shows itself, I can see a reduction in nasal labial fold lines, and my eyes are more open and overall my skin looks more youthful and glowing. 

With regular use you can really keep the signs of ageing at bay,  but do not be tempted to overuse as you can overload the cells with too much energy and this can have the opposite effect. I don’t use more than twice a week and I always allow 2-3 days in-between usage. This is one gadget that you will not put away in a cupboard and forget, because once you have tried it, your hooked on the addictive GLOW.

Once you have got to grips with how to use, then it’s a doddle and very quick to do your whole face. The genius part is the ZiiP app that has other electrical cocktails to target different concerns, including acne. If you don’t have an iPhone then you can still use the ZiiP as it comes pre-loaded with the classic Energize treatment.

My tip is to watch the demo video whilst doing the treatment and get to grips with holding the device on the skin. Always use the Golden conducting gel, it goes a long way, doesn’t sink into the skin, and contains some really powerful actives.

julia xo
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